(Plankton Producer)

Compositions: 1kg contain

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Monopotassium Phosphate (min)

15 g

Potassium nitrate (min)

20 g

Mono ammonium Phosphate (min)

10 g

Iron (min)

550 mg

Zinc (min)

750 mg

Manganese (min)

50 mg

Magnesium (min)

400 mg

Vitamin B1 (min)

450 mg

Vitamin B2 (min)

350 mg

Vitamin B6 (min)

30 mg

Vitamin B12(min)

70 mcg

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As a fertilizer enriched with some B vitamins that helps promote phytoplankton growth and maintain yellowish-green color in pond water appropriate for fish and shrimp growth. Providing a lot of natural food for fish and shrimp, stabilizing pond water quality and the whole pond ecosystem.

Direction For use

Dissolve 1 kg Aqua Green in 50 liters water then spread over the water surface. In nursery pond: 1kg per 3,000-5,000 m3 pond water, use after finishing steps of pond preparation. Stoking can be done after that 5-6 days.

In grow-out pond

1kg per 6,000-8,000 m3 pond water. Simultaneously. Turn on the paddlewheel aerator to make nutrient substances distributed evenly across the pond.Use at 5-6 days before stocking.
Periodically use at 10 to 15-day interval or repeat using when the yellowish-green color of pond water becomes lighter gradually. Best use in the morning with strong sunlight.


In a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight


10kg Bucket (1kg Aluminum foil Sachet x 10 Sachet)